Home Grown Gallery


An exhibition that reflects the traditional Qatari heritage mixed with modern influences for talented designers incubated at NAMA.

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The exhibition will help strengthen the Qatari identity and will introduce the current generation to the heritage and traditions of handicrafts.

Highlighting the skill of designers in producing works of art that combine traditional crafts with a modern and contemporary spirit. Promoting small and micro businesses affiliated with NAMA.

The pop-up showcases several crafts like Sedu weaving, jwelery, gifts and accessories and Al-Nagda Craft (the art of embroidering local fabrics and costumes, especially light fabrics, with silver and golden wires to add a smooth artistic and aesthetic touch).


  1. Asma Al Darweesh
  2. Hissa Al Hadad
  3. Khalid Al Janahi
  4. Khouloud Al Abdulla
  5. Sameera Al Mulla
  6. Shareefa Al Ansari
  7. Shareefa Al Ghaneem
  8. Maraim Al Tajer
  9. Noor Al Hameedi
  10. Muneera Al Ansari
  11. Wadha Al Sulaiti
  12. Safya Al Hajri
  13. Masooma Jawaad
  14. Hassan Al Emadi
  15. Hamad Almohammed
  16. Seham Yaqoup
  17. Fajer Al Mansoori
woman weaving