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Doha, Qatar
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Inspired by the Forever Valentino exhibition, Zwara explores the natural conversations and crossover between fashion and other design disciplines.

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Drawing inspiration from the Forever Valentino exhibition recently held at M7, Qatar-based designers in the Zwara programme were tasked with exploring the natural conversations that occur between fashion and other design disciplines, such as art, architecture, and technology. With the legacy and values of Maison Valentino as a starting point, collaborative teams developed designs that combined their diverse practices while reflected their own heritage and values.  The result is a wonderful array of objects and experiences that reflect some of Qatar’s creative landscape.

About Zwara

The Zwara programme is a fluid programme that seeks to spark creativity and push the boundaries of design collaboratively against the backdrop of Qatar’s creative landscape. It invites designers to explore existing exhibitions, archives and collections and then responding to a design brief. The Zwara programme showcases the importance of storytelling and experimentation in design. This year’s programme was particularly focused on the concept of collaboration between diverse disciplines and different designers.

laptop and design materials on a red background

Zwara participants Alaa Albarazy and Rabab Abdulla's in-progress work

Designers working on a tablet and sketching

Zwara participants Dana Al Mulla, Fatma Alsharshani, and Farjana Salahuddin in-progress work

Designers working on sketches and fabric samples

Zwara participants Maha AlMahasana and Nia Alexander Campbell's in-progress work

Hand touching a design prototype

Zwara participants Mohammed Al-Suwaidi and Maryam Al-Suwaidi's in-progress work.

hand writing on a notebook and another hand pointing at a design

Zwara participants Sonali Raman and Surabhi Gaikwad's in-progress work.

Hands touching a hand painted fabric and materials

Zwara participants Tamader Al Sultan and Amna Al Baker's in-progress work.

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