Four female fashion models wearing evening dresses in an ornate room. Front view on a model wearing a white top and a white head piece Front view on a model wearing a white top and an off white skirt. Front view on a model wearing a light blue dress with beads and feathers. Multiple brown and black clay pots. A close up of a wooden arm rest with a cushion. Multiple gold and silver leaf rings. Four women modelling evening wear, standing in an ornate historic room. Woman wearing a long white dress with dark abstract lines and a blue flowing scarf Grey concrete teddy bear figure with a golden head, closed eyes and long eyelashes Woman in full-length white dress with applied white bows Two women standing in front of a small domed building, wearing long pink dresses. Wooden dining set with table and eight chairs. Woman wearing long dress with yellow sleeves, large jewellery and a dagger at her waist. Woman standing against a wall with her arm outstretched, wearing a blue dress and abaya. Multiple gold and silver leaf rings. Close-up of a sparkling brown dress with a large flower decoration in gold A golden rings with a design of a man balancing on a red tightrope. Woman wearing fuchsia pink clothing standing outside. Close-up view of a woman's legs wearing high-heeled blue evening shoes. Seated woman wearing a long green dress, with flat plink shoes. A golden candle holder with a design of two birds feet and two eggs.