ICONE. Voices of Design Made in Italy

Past Exhibition

ICONE. Voice of Design Made in Italy aims at offering an immersive experience into the world of contemporary Italian design.

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The exhibition will feature an innovative formula on how to showcase design pieces relying on cutting-edge digital, lightning and sound technologies and involves the visitor directly in the exhibition.

The voice of Rossana Orlandi, narrator of the exhibition, will accompany the visitor through the showcase of Italian design. Each piece will then be presented to the audience through an accurate and precise acoustic registration made by the designers themselves. The exhibition includes both famous and unpublished pieces of design. ICONE will present the link between 36 contemporary designers and artists and their products, but also with the visitor, thereby starting an intimate debate on design and what influences the creative process behind it.

The Exhibition is in partnership with the Embassy of Italy in Doha and hosted at M7.

About the Curators

Rossana Orlandi

Rossana Orlandi, also known as the “Signora of design”. Rossana, or Ro, as “her” designers like to call her, who in 2002 founded a gallery fusing art, design and creative encounters never before seen in Milan — or anywhere else for that matter. Ro, the tireless scout scoping out talent in every corner of the world, from beginners to maestros and beginners turned maestros. Ro, the recipient of a Compasso d’Oro Career Award in 2022. Ro, who offers a second life for plastic — but also for us and the planet. Ro, a trove of tales in a brief biography woven word by word, just as she — a woman born from the warp and weft — likes it.

Lucio Micheletti

Lucio Micheletti was born in Milan in 1961, where he lives and works. Still very young, he expresses his creativity in the field of art, attending Edoardo Krumm's atelier. He graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan with Marco Zanuso. After opening his studio in 1987 he decided to transfer his creative intuitions to the world of design and architecture. He realizes architectural projects in America, Russia, China, creating hotels, theaters, buildings, shopping centers and places to live.

He exhibited at the Venice Art Biennale 2014, at the Portofino art museum and carried out land art installations in America and Europe. In 2009, he opened a nautical division where the experiences of the tailor-made world re-emerged: custom-built boats were born for private customers and custom design objects.

During his career Lucio Micheletti collaborates with companies such as Zagato, Audi, Nardi, Momo, Lexus, BMW, Ferrari, Bayer, Pratesi, Neri, Flos, Breil, Swatch, Ebel, Girard Perregaux, Vismara, Solaris Yachts, Infiniti Yacht, Baltic Yachts and for some of these he has been the artistic director over the last twenty years.