A decorated kaftan on a black background.

Zwara Design Challenge

The Zwara (a visit) Design Challenge is held yearly and the programme is conducted over a period of 6-8 weeks. With a different topic chosen each year, participants can expect to have one or more fashion item(s) (e.g. garments, textiles or accessories) by the end of the programme.

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What Participants Can Expect

Over the course of the two-month programme, M7 provides local creatives with the opportunity to connect and learn from global and local design experts who will host sessions and provide support to participants.

At the end of the programme, the finished product/s will be displayed at a pop-up in M7’s building for a period of 3 months.

What Participants Will Gain

  1. Knowledge from the very best in the field
  2. Exposure of your work
  3. Connections with experts and creatives in the industry

Keep Up to Date on Announcements

Look out for updates via our Newsletter or Instagram @m7.qatar.

A shot of a brown kaftan, with white drawings laid on rocks.


A black and white photo of a fabric with black paint on a work station.


Two kaftans hanging in a popup.


A top view of notebook with a person drawing a dress, and some fabric on a table.


Design progress photo by one of Zwara's Program designer Aliya Al Obaidly