Interior, Cutting Studio, close view of sewing machine with dark fabric

Cutting Studio

M7’s Cutting Studio will provide a practical space for designers to produce samples through to whole collections, get patterns cut and garments constructed. Basically, everything needed to move from creative designs to real-world clothing.

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The Cutting Studio will be the centre of excellence for design production, providing learning and development opportunities for creative professionals and aspiring designers within the fashion and textiles industry, in Qatar.

The studio offers:

  • Space for work, meetings, and networking.
  • A home base where you can brainstorm a new business or grow an existing one.
  • Informal opportunities to trade tips and experiences with other fashion entrepreneurs, over a cup of coffee.

Use our Cutting Studio to produce your samples and collections, get your patterns cut, garments stitched, through to full production.

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Design Consultations

To support designers in their preparations for production The Cutting Studio team offer specialist consultation sessions, that can be booked individually.

Visit The Cutting Studio website for more information on available consultation sessions focusing on:

  • Design
  • Fabric/Trim
  • Pattern/Production
A row of unclothed white coloured mannequins of differing sizes and shapes