Interior view, Studio 7, colourful display of modern metal chairs

Studio 7

Looking for something unique to buy? Visit Studio 7 our new concept store at M7. Every purchase supports a local designer and strengthens a creative business. Explore what’s on offer, today.

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Studio 7 is a concept store that offers a new retail experience for both designers and customers alike. The concept store is devoted to empowering emerging designers by showcasing their work and, crucially, enabling them to commercialise it. This is achieved physically in-store at M7 and via a dedicated online platform (coming soon), making their designs accessible to international audiences and consumers.

Opening Hours
A women entering Studio 7 concept store surrounded by product displays.
Interior view, Studio 7 showing suspended display units with products.

Related event programme

Studio 7 also plays host to an evolving special events programme intended to support designers and engage with the local community. The programme includes talks, workshops, and performances.

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